31 August, 2011

Saturday: sunset at Sands Beach at Coal Oil Point, Santa Barbara

 Balmy breezes, a glass of wine, a beautiful sunset...
For more information about this beach, go here: http://www.lotsafunmaps.com/Santa_Barbara/Coal_Oil_Point_and_Sands_Beach.html.



  1. Beautiful!! What's the story on that cross? Beautiful, and so unusual...

  2. Thank you!

    The cross is a gravestone...here is some information about it:

    "The cross in Coal Oil Point is in Santa Barbara, California. Remnants of Sands Beach's past still exist, including a memorial gravestone to Colin Powys Campbell, a retired British army officer who built a major estate on the land when he purchased it in 1919. "Many of the original buildings from the Campbell estate are still present at Sands today, including the access road, barn and the family’s mansion, currently the main building of the Devereux School for children and adults with developmental problems. Part of the Campbell family’s former beach house, located at the base of the cliff, currently serves as the site of a display of brightly colored aerosol murals. Commonly referred to as “the jail,” the walls of the crumbling beach house are coated with layers of spray paint that have been documented by UCSB art studio professor Michael Arntz in a series of photographs on display in Davidson Library."http://forum.alexanderpalace.org/index.php?topic=8984.25;wap2

    I will definitely get some photographs of "the jail" myself! I tried to this trip, but there were people tagging it...! I didn't want to interrupt!